Thor's Hammer !

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100% Pedigree Native Angus® Bone in Beef Shin

A low ‘n’ slow MONSTER !

Mjölnir - forged from the shin of our Native Angus beef cattle. Sized to feed the entire family (or one VERY hungry Viking warrior) The mighty Thor's Hammer is an imposing cut of meat for serious meat lovers and die-hard BBQ fans.

The meat from the Beef Shin ('Hammer') is a lean cut that needs to be cooked low and slow. (either braised or roasted) Bone in Shin is second to none for flavour and tenderness. When slow roasted, the marrow melts from the middle and the meat falls from the bone.

This spectacular cut is full of flavour and perfect for cooking in the smoker then shredded or sliced to feed a crowd

Native Angus® The blueprint of the Aberdeen Angus breed line

Our Slow grown Native Angus® cattle are 100% grass fed on our own lush, untreated Durham pastures. The beef is hung on the bone and dry aged for at least 3 weeks. It develops an intense depth of flavour and delicious texture. The meat from the ‘Slow Grown’ Native Angus® is finely marbled and produces beef of an outstanding eating quality.