Our Delivery Packaging

At Bushblades Farm we try to use the most sustainable packaging options available. Depending on the size of your delivery, your Rare Breed Meat will arrive in either our 'WoolCool' temperature control solutions or our newest offering, the Freshpac ClimaCell. (See below for the Freshpac ClimaCell credentials)



Package Responsibly, Use ClimaCell

  • Kerbside Recyclable – No confusion; ClimaCell is recyclable by all local council collections
  • Planet Friendly – ClimaCell ticks the totally sustainable packaging box as it is made from ‘Bio-Based’ Renewable materials
  • Protective – The cushioning characteristics protect your delicate food-stuffs from transit damage
  • Highly Functional – With it’s firm structure, discreet hinges and crisp edges, it’s easier to assemble than fibre based liners. ClimaCell is the eco-friendly protective packaging you’ve all been waiting for.
  • Environmentally Friendly – ClimaCell is a plant based compostable packaging system; compared to plastic, polystyrene or foam based insulators, ClimaCell reduces CO2 emissions by an average 65%
  • Animal Friendly – No animal based products are used in ClimaCell