Bushblades Awesome Pulled Pork

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NEW!  - Bushblades slow smoked pulled pork

A smoke-house classic with all of the work done for you.

We take the king of all BBQ cuts, the “Boston Butt” from the pork shoulder of our British Saddleback pigs and give it the full royalty treatment. A light trim to get it looking nice and sharp, followed by a good pamper with our home made BBQ rub before a nice, 12-14 hour bask on our drum smoker over a gentle lump-wood fire with aromatic apple wood chunks.

We cook our pulled pork low and slow and cook to temperature - not time - aiming for that magic 203f mark where poking it with a toothpick will encounter no resistance and just sink through the meat like warm butter. Once the Butt comes off the smoker, it gets a final rest to let the meat slowly relax and get all of those juices re-absorbed. We then pull the meat by hand so you get a good, mixed consistency of shredded chunks rather than that soggy, stringy stuff you get elsewhere! Then it’s packaged up for you - all you have to do is gently reheat it in your oven, sous vide or even in the microwave!

It’s hard not to eat this stuff as it comes, but adding some of our Bushblades finishing sauce into the mix will elevate your pulled pork sandwich to a whole new level!

Shown here with

  • Home made slaw
  • Pickled  red onions
  • Brioche bun


Guide for size

  • 250g = 2 x man sized sandwich
  • 500g = 4x sandwich with leftovers