Slow Grown Food

Slow Food Logo

At Bushblades farm, we are proud supporters of Slow Food UK.

Slow Food is a global grass roots not for profit movement, with thousands of members around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment. The underpinning aim of slow food is to reinvigorate people’s interest in the food they eat and to raise awareness of where their food has come from, including how it was produced. They hope to encourage a change in public opinion, away from the instant gratification of fast-food consumerism, to plain & simple slow grown food. 

The philosophy of Slow Food is "good, clean and fair food." This means:

  • Food should pleasure the senses and be more than simply "fuel."
  • It should arrive on our plates in the cleanest and most environmentally responsible way possible.
  • Our food producers should be compensated fairly for their work.

Proponents of the slow food movement believe food should be grown and bought locally, prepared with care and consumed with appreciation. In a world where we can get cheap, processed food and gobble it down without even leaving our cars, Slow Food seems like a throwback to a different era.

Bushblades Farm

Bushblades Farm is built upon a similar ethos, our tag line is “Plain and Simple” for a reason. We focus on the slow grown nature of the traditional British breeds which have been all but forgotten, by the large corporations in their relentless chase for faster growth and higher yield. Our aim is to step back away from the frantic money-go-round and prove that a sustainable mid-sized agricultural business can be realised. One that is better for us, better for the animals and better for the environment.

Food Provenance

Locally sourced food means reducing the carbon footprint of the food and connecting with the farmers and producers who grow it. A less complex food chain means less chance of it becoming adulterated or contaminated along the way.

We do not claim to be the way forward to feeding the nation, but any nutritionist will tell you it’s far better to eat less, more nutritious food, than large quantities of the refined processed stuff. - Did we mention, it tastes great too!

Ark of Taste and Chef Alliance Programmes

Whether you are a local restaurateur, a budding chef or just enjoy the benefits of good quality home cooked food, you will be keen to discover that some organisations are working hard behind the scenes trying to promote the provenience of British Food Producers who are working with those food products in danger of being lost. These all need to be preserved for future generations to enjoy. Check out the Ark of Taste programme for more information on how you can get involved.

Take maximum pleasure in the taste of the food you eat, re-educate those taste buds and obtain the same if not more, naturally healthy nutrients in your diet with less preservatives and pesticides.