Native Angus® - Skirt Steaks

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100% Pedigree Native Angus® Skirt Steak

Long, flat, and prized for its flavour rather than tenderness, this underappreciated cut is versatile and ideal for quick frying.

Usually put aside for the butcher, this is another old-fashioned cut that is currently undergoing a revival with grill-masters and slow smoking experts.  Cut from the plate of the cow, which is situated after the brisket and before the flank. Skirt is not the most tender cut but its rich beefy flavour works beautifully in Mexican dishes.

If you're looking to try a new kind of steak, the skirt from our grass-fed Native Angus® herd is strong in flavour. Try quickly grilling or pan-searing and using it in fajitas.

  • Small = Sarny size
  • Med = Big Sarny / Small Stir-fry
  • Large = Fajita night !

Native Angus® - The Blueprint of Aberdeen Angus Beef

Our Slow grown Native Angus® cattle are 100% grass fed on our own lush, untreated Durham pastures. The beef is hung on the bone and dry aged for at least 3 weeks. It develops an intense depth of flavour and delicious texture. The meat from the ‘Slow Grown’ Native Angus® is finely marbled and produces beef of an outstanding eating quality.