Jacob Lamb - Hogget - Breast

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Jacob Hogget Rolled Breast or Lap of Lamb

This old fashioned breast or ‘lap’ of lamb is generally regarded as fit only for the mincer nowadays but, it still enjoys some popularity with a small audience, especially those who grew up eating these ultra-cheap cuts during leaner times!

This is a fatty cut taken from the belly of our slow grown Jacob’s herd. As such responds well to tender, sustained cooking or braising over longer periods to give the fat ample time to render and enrich your chosen dish with its beautiful, buttery flavour.

Expect a full rolled breast to take 2-3 hours to cook fully plus resting time. Alternatively cutting into slices gives you the option of braising in moist heat, but there are those that swear by lamb belly slices as a good addition to your BBQ grilling menu. Whatever the end goal, we’re sure you’ll love it!