Guest Beef - Flank Steaks

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Flank steak is the leanest out of several ‘flat’ steaks taken from the abdominal section of the beef carcass and sits right next to the skirt and bavette steaks.

All of these steaks do well with a good marinade and fast, hot cooking to really bring them to life. Sliced thin and across the grain, it goes brilliantly in stir fries, tacos or fajitas..... Or - if you fancy getting your chefs hat on, Italian stuffed flank steak is a real game changer.

Guest Beef

We are now working with local farmers to bring good quality food direct to the customer, cutting out the countless middle men allowing the farmer to realise a fair price for their outstanding product. All 'Guest Produce' is reared in accordance with the high standards set by Bushblades Farm's foundational ethos of

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