Bushblades Piggies in Blankets!

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One of our most popular sausages made even better by the addition of our Dry Cured Saddleback Streaky Bacon !

10 PiB per tray

These PiB come in 'Normal' and 'Gluten free' variates which leaves a slight pepper kick on the palate. Very tasty!!

This seasoning is made up from a recipe dating back to the early 1950's from a butcher in the Yorkshire Dales. The saddleback meat provides a perfect backbone to this plain pork seasoned sausage and the saddleback fat carries the mace, nutmeg, ground coriander and pepper into every succulent mouthful.


Normal Allergens Present;

  • Gluten
  • Sulphites

Gluten Free Allergens Present;

  • Sulphites