How Much Grass !

How Much Grass !

Out came the workhorse and a call to arms to the older children to come help clear the grass cuttings before the new growth rotted beneath. Days and days ensued of collecting it up and ensiling it in the walled feeding section of the front paddock.

We have never worked so hard for such a zero gain.

A Big Mistake.

It wasn’t long into the Spring that we realised that alpacas don’t eat much grass.  By June we were knee deep in the lush green stuff and wondering what an earth we were going to do with it all.

A hard and painful lesson in pasture management. I think it was all contrived so that Garry could justify his next purchases, a disk mower, tedder, miniature baler, and wrapper.  There was no resistance from me as I knew I wouldn’t be doing that again.

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