Saddleback Pork Loin

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Pedigree Saddleback Pork Loin - A king of the prime cuts. 

The saddleback breed is renowned for its healthy fat covering and the loin joint is perfect for producing the tastiest pork cracking by far. 

The consistent shape of this joint makes for an excellent even finish each time and by virtue of the thick fat, produces a deliciously lean succulent meat joint for carving as a centre piece. 

Score the rind well and rub in the salt granules to make for oodles of crispy crackling to go round the table twice.  

Guide for size (With Leftovers !)

  • Small Feeds  2 to 3 people
  • Medium Feeds 4 to 5 people
  • Large Feeds 5 to 6 people
  • X-Large Feeds 6 to 7 people