Bushblades Angus Burgers

Pack of 4 Gourmet Native Angus® burgers

Made from our own Native Angus® cattle. These burgers weigh in at 125g each and contain a blend of meat taken from prime cuts and include Chuck and Shin for added depth of flavour.

Regular burgers are coarse cut. A quick wipe of oil followed by a crack of salt and pepper produces a succulent, flavoursome burger with no fuss. Just add your 'fixings' to create a gourmet burger stack to be proud of.

Flavoured burgers are 'pre-smashed' ready for the BBQ grill. The Native Angus® meat absorbs the herbs and spices and delivers a depth of flavour that is second to none. On their own or with your choice of 'fixings' these gourmet burgers are outstanding.