Native Angus® Beef


Native Angus® The blueprint of the Aberdeen Angus breed-line

Our Native Angus® cattle are unmodified, slow grown direct descendants of the original Scottish breed lines. The provenance of these original Angus can be traced back 180 years, producing a high-quality carcass on grass alone. Better for the animal, better for the environment and better for you.
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Our Native Angus cattle are 100% grass fed on our own lush, untreated Durham pastures. The natural grass diet means the meat is high in Omega 3 and packed with antioxidants and other vitamins.

Farming on a small scale means we have to use our livestock to help manage the environment, working with nature and the local surroundings to create a balance between the animals needs and what the environment can sustainably provide. We rotate our cattle slowly, around the grazing platform, ensuring the grass is at its optimum growth state as the cattle enter and a good residual remains as they leave. This method of feeding is less stressful on the cattle, less stressful on the soil and allows for maximum carbon sequestration.

Exceptional tasting beef which is good for you and good for the environment.

Our Native Angus Beef is slow grown, 100% pedigree, Aberdeen Angus which is hung and dry aged for 3 weeks before entering the on farm butchery at Bushblades.

  • 100% Grass Fed
  • 100% Native
  • 100% Angus