Native Angus® - Osso Bucco

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100% Pedigree Native Angus® Bone in Beef Shin

A low ‘n’ slow classic. Our bone in Osso Bucco’s are cross cut from the shin of our Native Angus beef cattle. The bone marrow melts away during slow cooking, develop a rich depth of flavour to produce the heartiest of soups, stews and other slow braising dishes perfect for cold winter evenings.

Native Angus® The blueprint of the Aberdeen Angus breed line

Our Slow grown Native Angus® cattle are 100% grass fed on our own lush, untreated Durham pastures. The beef is hung on the bone and dry aged for at least 3 weeks. It develops an intense depth of flavour and delicious texture. The meat from the ‘Slow Grown’ Native Angus® is finely marbled and produces beef of an outstanding eating quality.